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Rebecca Loechler
We the People
Tell us about your piece and how it represents the Country that you are from?

The eagle became America’s national emblem in 1782. It was selected because it was thought to represent long life, great strength, courage, freedom, and independence. It is a widely recognizable symbol, and for that reason, I chose to portray an eagle at the center of this piece to represent America as a whole. Surrounding the eagle is 50 flowers, each representing a different State in the United States. I chose flowers to represent the states because they show the beauty in diversity that is the foundation of this country. Finally, there is a banner with the first line of the Constitution written on it. It is significant as it ties all people together beneath it, regardless of differences in race, state, religion, politics, etc.  

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

In all honestly, I had some difficulty at first when it came to owning and taking pride in representing my country at this moment in history (particularly because of how recent shifts have altered it’s ideals at home and abroad). But I know so many amazing people who are fighting to try and improve the lives of those around them, and it is for them and more that I decided to create this piece. For people who are afraid now in a place they sought out to feel safe. For people who are afraid now in a place they’ve always called Home. For people continuing to fight for civil rights and social justice. You are not alone. We stand together; different-but each beautiful and important in our own right.

What part of the brief did you enjoy the most?

I really enjoyed the challenge of this piece. I was able to take it in a direction that I’ve never gone before. I had to decide how I wanted to design and authentically represent what I see to be most important about the USA. Figuring out how to represent 50 different flowers in paper cut form was both frustrating and gratifying. I enjoyed getting to work alongside other members of the Paper Artist Collective on this project and be inspired by their incredible work. I also enjoyed collaborating with Excel Blades, who were extremely interactive and supportive every step of the way.​

How did you enjoy working with Excel Blades?

I really enjoyed working with the knife and blades! I didn’t find myself having the same wrist pain that I often experience after hours of cutting. The blades are sharp and durable, and I found myself having to replace them less often than I typically do. All in all, I enjoyed working with them, and definitely will again in the future!

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