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Clare Pentlow

Tell us about your piece and how it represents the Country that you are from?

There is a wealth of material I could of used for this project with lots of ideas buzzing around when I first started however as some one who is continually enjoying cathedrals and churches with there towering carved stone I thought I would focus on looking at the carved stone detail working in a variety of whites and as a big fan of William Morris designs and the arts and crafts movement I decided to combine the two. Different textured white papers are layered with different motifs working with pattern and repetition, introducing 3d elements to bring more depth and interest to the piece

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

Working with motifs and having to plan what I was doing I tend to work more instinctual.

What part of the brief did you enjoy the most?

Being able to work on something a little different to my normal style

How did you enjoy working with Excel Blades?

I enjoyed working with the Excel blades took my hand a little while to get used to working with them and I preferred the larger of the handles with a shorter blade felt I could put a little more pressure and control in what I was cutting. I did find the soft grip knife kinder on my fingers after a couple of hours cutting.  

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