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Cintia Bertaccini

Tell us about your piece and how it represents the Country that you are from?

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil. It's a huge city, with more than 12 million habitants from all around the country and the world. It's the largest community of japaneses, italians, portugueses, spanish and lebaneses outside their countries, receiveing over 2,3 million imigrants since 1870. All these people live together in a rich and energetic cultural mix.

I think the architecture is a very good example of that diversity. Since the first construction, Pátio do Colégio, in 1560, the city is constantly being transformed. It embraces constructions from architects like Oscar Niemeyer, Lina Bo Bardi, Ruy Ohtake, Vilanova Artigas and so many more. It's a crazy non-stop vibrant engine that we kindly call SAMPA!

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

For me was very challenging avoid the obvious brazilian themes: nature, amazonia, samba, carnival, football. These may be very nice, but Brazil has so many more nice things to show than this. 

What part of the brief did you enjoy the most?

I really like architecture, and to research for this picture was very nice. I love architecture, and selecting pictures and reading about the buildings was very interesting for me.

How did you enjoy working with Excel Blades?

I loved! The K18 Grip-on knife is my favourite, it's very comfortable. And I really loved the safety dispenser, because for me to discard the blades was always a problem.

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