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Fresh Perspectives for the Paper Artist Collective Blog

Like a lot of things in the world, our blog has been pretty quiet over the past six months. This time to reflect has given the collective a chance to make some changes and become more, well, collective. Until now our amazing founders, Samantha Quinn and Kristine Braanen have been performing miracles and managing everything, but now we are starting to share the many tasks involved in keeping this global community exciting, informative and collaborative. So to start a new chapter in the life of the blog, we would like to introduce four new contributors who will be bringing you a mix of posts to fill your lives with paper.

Anna Brones, Eleanor Chaney and Naomi Kendall will be writing the Collective’s blog, alongside Michael Velliquette who will bring a fresh look to the artist of the month feature. Over the coming months we will share with you some in-depth interviews with our members, carefully curated collections of work by paper artists from around the world, paper related events and exhibitions, the history and traditions of paper art and many other papery wonders. Here’s a snippet about each of us to give you the chance to get to know us a little.

Anna Brones

Anna Brones is a writer, artist, and producer. She is the author of several books including Fika the Art of the Swedish Coffee Break and Live Lagom: Balanced Living the Swedish Way. She also writes a monthly newsletter called Creative Fuel and works as a papercut artist, handcutting illustrations from single pieces of paper. Her illustrations are featured in the latest edition of the iconic cookbook, The Joy of Cooking. She also regularly teaches creativity classes and workshops. and contributes to a variety of digital and print publications.

Learn more about Anna:

Eleanor Chaney

Eleanor Chaney is a paper artist, illustrator and art educator. She creates detailed images that explore the natural world and our ever changing relationship to it, inspired by her collection of vintage natural history books and the local wildlife in the beautiful Lake District in the UK. Sharing her passion for creativity is also a key part of her work and she has taught creative workshops with people of all ages in both formal and community education since 2008. Recent projects include The Library Of Nature ( - a virtual illustrated website of nature inspired art and craft activities.

Learn more about Eleanor:

Naomi Kendall

Naomi Kendall is an artist based in Somerset. Her work is mainly focused around weaving paper. She cuts, folds and weaves by hand. She loves working in colour, but also makes monochrome work and adds her own marks to the paper with inks and paints. She also makes paper jewellery. She is inspired by many things: the collections she draws while exploring museums, colourful textiles, ceramics, architecture and the small corners of the world she has explored. Her tools are simple: a pencil, a ruler, a knife, a pair of scissors and some glue. After a career working in galleries, community arts and as Director of an arts charity in London, she returned to making her own work.

Learn more about Naomi:

Michael Velliquette

Michael Velliquette is an artist who makes intricately constructed paper-based sculpture. A working artist for 20 years, he has participated in numerous exhibitions in museums and galleries in the US, Europe and Asia. As an educator Velliquette is on faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he teaches courses in visual literacy and creative practice. In 2021 he will be an artist resident at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.

Learn more about Michael:

We hope you’ll enjoy what we bring to the blog each week.

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