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Check out Ale Rambar's piece 'Playing with Dolls' at the Beijing International Biennial

We wish member Ale Rambar a big congratulations in being selected to expose one of his works on paper at the Beijing International Biennial! 

Playing with Dolls by Ale Rambar

Ale tell's us "The selected work, titled "Playing with dolls" was born from an exercise that I did asking men and women in my community what it was something they could not do as children because they were born boys or girls. The response of the men was that they could not play with dolls, due to genre roles and machismo that was socially accepted. This is a subject that I question, I invite other people to reflect on it."

"Playing with dolls" is a work of 120 x 120 cm, created with 44 layers of paper. Each layer was drawn and calculated separately, then cut individually and assembled by hand.

The Beijing International Art Biennial is an artistic event of high relevance for art on a global level. It is organized by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, together with the People's Government of Beijing Municipality and the The China Artists Association. The Biennial will take place from August 26 to September 23, 2019, at the National Museum of Art of China, with the theme: "A colorful world and a shared future".
The Biennial expects to exhibit around 600 pieces of works in painting and sculpture from 100 countries. On this occasion, I was selected as one of the few artists with work on paper, which represents a gigantic opportunity for my career and it is an honor to represent Costa Rican art in an event of such high prestige.
The Beijing International Art Biennial, started in 2003 and is constituted as an international academic exhibition that has been held on 7 occasions, increasing the participation of 45 countries in 2003 to 102 countries in 2017, reaching a total of nearly 4000 artists and more than 1 million visitors. Being a platform for international cultural exchange, the Beijing Biennial has the contribution of a curatorial committee made up of international specialists.
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