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Artist of the month - Sara Rayo

Our May Artist of the month goes to paper sculptor Sara Rayo who makes alluring layered forms composed of pattern, space and light.


Sara Rayo


"There is a poetry to paper, there is conversation between the artist and this beautiful medium."


Where do you make your paper Art?

I make my paper art in my studio. My husband and I rent a large house and we split the space up. He has his acting school above and my studio is in a 6 car garage. We have created a wonderful space where creativity flows abundantly and different art forms can be appreciated. It really is wonderful.

How long have you been working with paper?

I have been working with paper since I can remember. My father, a renowned artist, used paper for some of his work–making intaglios by hand–and I learned from there. I also took many printmaking classes and origami as well. I also think my career in Graphic Design a concentrating mainly on packaging helped as well.

How would you describe your approach to paper art?

There are two sides to my approach, just like two sides of paper. One is inspirational/investigative and the other methodical/formational.

One part is pouring over science books about microscopic organisms like Diatoms to reading up on what our solar system consists of and its secrets, to learning about the intricacies of sacred geometry and pi.

The other is the process of cutting and entering that Zen state where I only hear my breath and the blade slicing through the paper, then bending and gluing each form that was cut to the surface. This is also is part of that methodical creation state where it all comes together. Where you start to take steps back from your work and begin to see what has been created, what has suddenly become dimensional that wasn’t before.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from nature (macro and micro) and the universe–how microscopic nature looks so similar to outer space.... and then there is sacred geometry which is just mind blowing!

Describe your work in three words.

Vibrational, dimensional, geometrical.

What are your favorite papers to work with?

Watercolor paper, mostly Murillo, Fabriano, Color Plan is a new favorite.

What tool could you not live without?

My #11 blade, cutting mats, tweezers in all shapes and sizes.

What is the best thing about working with paper as a medium?

There is a poetry to paper, there is conversation between the artist and this beautiful medium. It is a flat surface that can become so many things and one of them is three-dimensional. It is a humbling process and experience to work with paper.

Who are your favorite paper artists?

There are so many!! I love how the medium creates such a diversity in style and form. Michael Velliquette, Samantha Quinn, Ankon Mitra, Pippa Dyrlaga. I really love being part of the PAC. My world has expanded just getting to see everyone’s work and se how everyone has grown.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on an upcoming show for a gallery in Barranquilla, Colombia. I also have a few commission pieces to finish as well. All very exciting!!

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