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Artist of the month - Lucha Rodriguez

Our November artist of the month goes to Lucha Rodriguez. The USA based artist has a distinctive way of working, carving into paper to create her art.


Full name: Lucha Rodriguez


"I'm amazed by papers ability to pick up light and create shadows  " 


Where do you make your paper Art?

At home.

How long have you been working with paper?

12 years.

How would you describe your approach to paper art?

Sculptural. I’m amazed by paper’s ability to pick up light and create shadows. My process is always oriented towards surface and dimensionality.

Where do you find inspiration?

Natural light and paper itself. Even something like furniture shadows in a room could be inspiring to me. Looking at subtle shadows on the walls, ceiling or ground might spark the right impulse to start working on something new. I also find prisms very inspiring and like to hang them by my window at different lengths and angles waiting for the right time of day when the light comes in and travels through them.

Describe your work to us in 3 words?

Knife, paper, light.

What are your favourite papers to work with?

Printmaking and watercolor papers. BFK Rives is always my go-to.

What tools could you not live without?

#11 blades, kiwi knife handle, and a cutting mat.

What is the best thing about working with paper as a medium?

It is a tactile medium that has the flexibility to go from small to large scale and has the ability to evolve along with an idea from start to finish, from initial sketches to the final work. We can engage immediately with paper through folding, cutting, scoring because it is such a tactile hands-on medium which is something I personally enjoy about paper.

Who are your favourite paper artists?

Dorothea Rockburne's paper works and Li Hongbo's colorful paper sculptures.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on an 8 feet by 6 feet hand-cut paper work with lots of layering for an upcoming exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia.

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