Artist of the month - Claire Cassidy

Our June Artist of the month is Claire Cassidy from Australia. Her work provides a playful peek into the everyday lives of women and celebrates bad-ass ladies of all shapes, sizes and colours.

Full name: Claire Cassidy (Studio Flos)



"Recently I’ve really been noticing the way the sunlight flows into my house at different times of day and the shadows, lights and colours it throws onto everything." 

Where do you make your paper Art?

I work on my paper art at home. I have a desk set up especially for it and a little trolley with all of my various paper/glue etc.

How long have you been working with paper?

I started Studio Flos in 2017, but had been using paper for various craft and art things for a few years before that.

How would you describe your approach to paper art?

My approach is usually to see how I can make paper work for me. I often will initially think of a different type of material that might be easier to create something, but I like the challenge of making it work with paper instead. 

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration can come from anywhere! Nature, people, travel, galleries, food. At the moment it's difficult as most of us have been in our homes for weeks so we haven’t been able to do or see the things that usually provide inspiration so are having to find new ways to work. Recently I’ve really been noticing the way the sunlight flows into my house at different times of day and the shadows, lights and colours it throws onto everything - this is what inspired me to make mobiles.

Describe your work to us in 3 words?

Playful, Colourful, Women

What are your favourite papers to work with?

My favourite paper is mid-weight, lightly textured, matt paper in rich colours. 

What tool could you not live without?

This one is easy! I could absolutely not live without my knife and glue. Most of my pieces use only these tools and I improvise on the rest. 

What is the best thing about working with paper as a medium?

Paper is a challenging medium as it can sometimes seem limiting, particularly if you don’t incorporate paints into the work. This challenge makes it even more satisfying when you do manage to ’solve’ a piece.

Who are your favourite paper artists?

My favourite paper artists are: @littlerayofsunflower, @tinybladesproject and one I discovered recently, @ems.duf

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am working on a super exciting collaboration project with a local clothing brand that I am not sure if I’m allowed to mention by name yet! But this will definitely be the biggest thing I have worked on. In terms of my own personal work I have just started making paper mobiles and miniature homes, which I am really enjoying. 

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