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Nicola Dobrowolski
North Sea

Tell us a little about your piece?

What is the ocean to me? My ocean is that of the North Sea, churned to brown with deep running energy, wind farms gracefully turning in the freezing wind that numbs my cheeks. Space to stop. Time to stare. freedom to do nothing. The only cries are that of the Seagulls, and they dont need me… This is the Ocean I love. Waves,  turbines, marram grass & humans, united by the wind.

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

I was instantly drawn to the beauty of the tropical oceans and the stunning life within, but I couldnt connect to it. I’ve just done a run of very intense creative projects, handling difficult subject matters & I decided that I needed to create a piece that reflects my love of the Ocean that I know so well, and how it helps me mentally and physically. Theres nothing as nourising as a walk on the beach.

What part of the collaboration did you enjoy the most?

Its been fabulous to see all the different ways that these talented artists have interpreted the theme and how the same collection of papers looks totally unique in each offering.

How did you enjoy working with the paper?

I really like these papers, I’m especially impressed with how resillient a relatively low gsm paper was to UHU glue. It handled it really well, no buckling. 

Beautiful, strong colours were supplied and a lovely 

Theres a lovely texture to the papers too, Id be interested in using thicker varients of the guarro cassas brand.

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