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Anaïs Herd Smith
Neon Sealife

Tell us a little about your piece?

I have illustrated the fragile link between man and nature under the sea. Today we are helping the corals to rebuild from the damage we ourselves have caused. A tribute to the incredible colours of the mysterious underwater world.   

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

It was the first time I had done a project that revealed itself in UV light

What part of the collaboration did you enjoy the most?

For this project I was lucky enough to have @jadou_gawa as an intern. @Zilizou for the photo. And @lauren_rainbow_syrup as a model. A great team for lot of good moments! 

How did you enjoy working with the paper?

I was very scared at first because it is lighter than I am used to. But in the end it was strong and easy to use.

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