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Piyusha Patwardhan & Antara Malhotra

India & India

Mantras of Manifestation

4’-6” dia. X 6’-0” height approx.
Hand-folded paper, paper raffia crocheting, hand painting, metal wire-frames

Piyusha has selected the Saraswati beej mantra (core or seed invocation) - ॐ श्रीं सरस्वत्यै नमः। to crochet a spiral of the flower of life pattern in pristine
white - her prayer of recision rising up as a tendril of a climbing plant tentatively reaches for the sun, the act of crocheting for her is the same as the turning of prayer beads through a devotee’s fingers, expressing her desire to spend her life in learning, imbibing and growing. Antara has selected the idea of the Buddhist symbol the ‘Unalome’, a spiral rising up to space, symbolising each individual’s transcendence and merging into the universal consciousness. She has sculpturally represented this symbol through a kalmon chain origami spiral, hand-folded and hand painted, imbued with the colour blue, a colour of \purity and great spiritual significance in Buddhism. Onto this primary form are layered lotuses of Boddhisattva nature, steps towards reaching Buddha-hood and meticulously created drawing work as the sound frequencies of the Buddhist magic mantra “Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo” the six steps of devotion to the mystic law of the Lotus Sutra. Together these two artists represent two mantras intertwining in the work, from two different religious traditions, that go well beyond religion and speak about self growth and evolution.

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