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Pippa Dyrlaga & Ankon Mitra

UK & India

The Communion

12’-0” X 12’-0” X 4’-6” Ceiling Installation
Fabric, handmade paper gold card, textured white cardstock - kirigami
and origami techniques applied

Each artist selected one classical music piece. Pippa selected Bach’s ‘Prélude, Cello Suite No. 1’ played by Ophélie Gaillard. Ankon selected ‘Ravi Shankar’s Sandhya Raga’ played by Vishwamohan Bhatt, Anoushka Shankar and Ravi Shankar’s students. While Pippa’s selection is a single instrument rendition with rich gravitas, slight melancholia, languorous deep notes and a sense of looking within, Ankon’s selection is an orchestral rendition, set to a drut taala (fast paced beat), exuberant, joyful, uplifting of the spirit and outward looking. The two works are almost like yin and yang - one about finding oneself and the other about finding one’s place in the world - the one about being, and the other about meaning. When these aspects reach a fine balance, one may reach a state of ‘itness’, such that the universe may freely communicate with the individual, and the very illusion of the individual may dissolve, as the energies merge into unity. The communion of music from two completely different cultures is ultimately constructed from the same seven notes. A true appreciation of music allows us to become universalists.

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