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Naomi Kendall & Marina Adamova

UK & Russia

Music For Peace

18” X 23” approx (framed)
Various papers, hand cut and assembled

Marina and Naomi have very different visual styles and techniques. Yet, both are at ease working as graphic designers and artists, seamlessly slipping from one role into the other. This to the curator’s mind places their work uniquely at that junction which could be called a 2.5D Art Poster or a collectible Design work. These are just labels, and at the end of the day the concept must speak very clearly. Marina describes it thus - “I loved the process of making this piece, it resembles to me the way musicians jam and create their music : Naomi put a rhythmic theme on “drums and bases” first, and then melody and words were added onto it. I think this is how our artwork sounds in this collaboration. While preparing for this work we also exchanged lists of our favourite music and it became a gulp of inspiration and the ‘sound’ of collaborative art!
Naomi says - “Our piece began with a conversation about music. We were looking at the traditional music of the countries where we live (the UK and Russia) but quickly realised that we both really love to listen to very similar, laid back, electronic music. We based our piece on these rhythms and the colours of the sun and sea which we both enjoy. The artwork reflects our very diverse styles coming together. As events in the world developed, we decided to name the artwork Music for Peace as the colours also reflect our support for the Ukraine.”

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