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Meghana Raghuraj & Namitha Hebbal

India & India

The Peregrination

3’-8’’ X 5’-2” X 0’-8” (1118 mm X 1575mm X 203 mm)
Mixed media (paper maché, painting, paper collage and threads)

The Peregrination at its core is the abstraction of a long chaotic journey of the gushing river towards the unseen sea, its final destination. It contrasts the language of a ‘Kannada Bhavageethe (emotional poetry) - Kaanada Kadalige Hambaliside Mana’, originally a poem by Rashtrakavi G.S.Shivarudrappa with the musicality of the ‘Kalyani Raga’ of Carnatic music. The organic shape is the abstraction of Karnataka map, the birthplace of both the Poet and Purandara Dasa, father of Carnatic music. The poem personifies the river and highlights its trials and tribulations on its course leading to the sea. The artwork, a visual rendition of this personification is guided by the lines ‘Jatila kananada kutila patagalali hariva toreyu naanu, Endigadaru Kanada kadalanu Seraballenenu? Serabahude naanu? Kadala neeliyolu karagabahude naanu?’ which translates to ‘I am the stream that flows through crooked paths in the arduous forests, will I be able to dissolve in the azure sea someday?’ This uneasiness in the poem is comforted by ‘Kalyani raga’ that embodies affection, calmness and kindness. The artists hope that ‘The Peregrination’ reassures the viewer that the river does meet the unseen sea, despite all the hurdles throughout the long journey.

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