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Margaret Griffith & Liz Sofield

USA & Australia


2’-6” X 2’-6” X 5” (approx)
240 gsm archival fabric infused paper, metal rod, nylon strings

Euphony is a collaborative paper sculpture combining geometric and abstract patterns inherent in the signature technique of the two artists. Liz’s work revels in exploring texture, fine details and ideas of meshing and weaving. Musically, Liz’s work can be compared to cadences and lilts. Margaret on the hand mounts extravaganzas of paper lanscapes, many of her works creating abstract scenes of terrain constructions to marvel at. Musically, her work would be akin to a lavish sonic soundscape which washes over the listener/viewer completely. These two artists with diametrically opposite approaches and with oceans separating them chose to explore subtractive and additive methods of cutting and pasting to create a piece intertwined with the nuances of a melody imbued with a kind of quiet beauty. The artists created the asymmetrical aspect of the work and its possible kinetic movement using the visual rhythm generated by the musician Alexandra Stréliski in the work Plus Tôt, relating in part to the placement of notes according to a rhythm code filled with bliss, quietude and hope.

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