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JV Calanoc & Stevi Benson Addy

Philippines & UK

The Song of the Sea

14” X 14” approx.
Layers of Archival Paper

There is a folk myth about listening to the sounds of the sea by bringing a seashell close to one’s ear. The noise heard is a combination of ambient sounds of the air, put together with the reverberation and resonance caused in the hollow shell owing to its ‘Nautilus’ fibonacci geometric shape. ‘Unscientific’ as this correlation may be, owing to the connect between the sea and sea shells, this simple act continues to delight and give us a kind of innocent joy. Poetry and music touch us in ways we cannot easily fathom, transforming and transporting us in ways difficult to place in the framework of ‘scientific reasoning’. JV and Stevi have created a powerful visual talisman of how our minds connect concepts and ideas beyond the barebones of logic.

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