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Joseph Wu & Mark Curtis Hughes

Canada & UK

Hoi Polloi

Height: 20 cm, width: 2 m
Senses paper 120 gsm, elephant hide paper 120 gsm - hand-cut and assembled

Joseph and Mark decided to focus on the ‘language’ aspect of the curator’s brief. Language is a means of sharing information between people, bringing them together into mutual understanding. In other words, the important thing about language is PEOPLE. “Hoi polloi”, a Greek phrase meaning “the many”, is usually used to reference “the masses” or the common people. By fusing the sculptural letterforms of Joseph’s origami with the intricate faces of Mark’s paper-cutting, the artists have striven to show the connection between people everywhere. They have wonderfully underlined the collaboration aspect of this global artists’ project by choosing to celebrate the connection between people everywhere, especially in light of increased isolation and loneliness that challenged all the people of the world during the pandemic. They have imbued their work with joyous colours, giving us hope and happiness in the simple pleasures of human camaraderie.

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