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Jacky Cheng

Tell us a little about your piece?

Interestingly whenever I look out into the expansive blue sky, blue water space, the thought of people navigating themselves across the unforgiveable sea conditions to a new land/ destination is unfathomable. This piece is an internal dialogue of my admiration to all who sail, particularly women. 'Oceania' is dedicated to all women of diverse background who defy the deeply misogynistic male ways to conquer a place for women today to be as amazing as they can be. Yes, I am talking about the 'Maiden crew'. 

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

The thought of not receiving the parcel due to the pandemic which disrupted the posting system. 

What part of the collaboration did you enjoy the most?

The risk and articulation of creating a box within a book. Much like a story within a story. The idea is to create suspense and surprise for all who encounters her. 

How did you enjoy working with the ErgoKiwi handle?

I love the solidity, bulk and ergonomically well thought handle. It just made so much sense to nurture your wrist, fingers and the pressure around your hand whilst working on the project. Such a huge difference in comparison to the normal slim cutting knife. I am so glad I put my hand up to be part of this project. 

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