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Ankon Mitra
New Delhi, India
July 'Forms of the Eternal Quest'

Tell us a little about your piece?

The work is a metaphor for all the things we seek in our lives - beauty, meaning, purpose, joy, growth and well-being. Through all the adversities, challenges and ambitions, we seek to understand BALANCE. There can be no white without black, no Yang without Yin. The two forms of the sculpture describe this duality, our quest to merge them into one entity, to understand our own flow, to become wiser. To become a mountain and an ocean simultaneously. This is our eternal quest. GNOTHI SEAUTON.   

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

I took up a ceiling from a thousand year old work of architectural heritage and wanted to create my interpretation of it. I wanted to combine the techniques of Origami and Kirigami. I also intentionally wanted to go the monochrome route as I wanted the geometric complexities to shine and not be overpowered by colours. The colour I chose represents sunlight and its warmth in the month of July. I also deliberated on breaking away from the symmetries that are inherent in Origami tessellations as well as in the architectural ceiling, which was the starting point for the development of this work.   

What part of the collaboration did you enjoy the most?

I got the month of July to work on. It was so much fun trying to imagine how the other 11 artists would be responding to their months, while I worked on mine. At the submission time now - we have all seen the art produced for the calendar by the 12 of us, and the richness and diversity of the responses is going to create an absolutely delicious collector's item. The Paper Artist Collective continues to push boundaries in sharing the magic and wonder of paper art with the wider community of paper art lovers.  

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