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Stacey Schneider
6 Geese a Laying

Tell us a little about your piece?
I've created my interpretation of six geese a-laying for the challenge using a single goose design, without cut-outs to expose negative space and the white background. If you look at my tissue paper work, you'll see the style I made is very similar to the work I do using the tissue paper. It's a nod to folk art depicting animals and floral elements.  


What was the most challenging part of the brief?
All of it was challenging for me, as I knew going into this that I am not a typical paper artist, given that the medium I generally use is much thinner and there is never a 3D element to my finished works. I was initially confident and then felt totally overwhelmed when I started seeing some of the other sneak peeks for the challenge. I made four different designs, the first three of which had 6 geese. They all seemed too busy and messy, and not true to my aesthetic, so I finally settled on one goose design to represent the six. 


What part of the collaboration did you enjoy the most?
Trying something new and out of my comfort zone! It's always good to stretch as artists, and sometimes that is where you get your best ideas.

How did you enjoy working with the Gmund Colours range?I loved the colors and the paper. I wish we'd been able to choose four colors but only because the three I chose ended up being a little too cold together. 

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