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Laura Sayers
Partridge in a Pear Tree

Tell us a little about your piece? 
I wanted to create a simple illustration for the first day of Christmas that relies on shadows to give it depth when working with three simple colours. The patterns involved already appear in a lot of my work and are inspired by old decorative folk art with it’s attention to detail and sense of harmony, so they were perfect to include in this project. 


What was the most challenging part of the brief?
I usually use at least 5 colours in my other projects, so stripping it back to 3 made me think a little bit about how each colour would best be used.


What part of the collaboration did you enjoy the most?
Seeing the other pieces from the other artists pop up on social media - I think it’s so interesting to see which colours everyone went for and how the compositions vary - even though the first several days all involve birds in their various forms they’re each in such a different shape or style.

How did you enjoy working with the Gmund Colours range?
I really liked the texture of the paper and particularly loved the softness of the light pink colour that I chose. They photograph really nicely too; I’d never heard of the brand before but I’ll definitely keep them in mind for future work. 

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