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Dawn Cardona
7 Swans a Swimming

Tell us a little about your piece?
"On the seventh day of Christmas 

My true love gave to me 

Seven swans a swimming..."


What was the most challenging part of the brief?

I had two strugges with this brief that I knew from the beginning would give me a headache. The first being that the paper weight was too thin for two of my colors and the challenge of only having only three colors to work with had me restarting my piece quite a few times.  I had originally planned on using negative space to my advantage by bringing in my white canvas, but instead I stayed true to the challenge just to see what would happen... somehow I survived!


What part of the collaboration did you enjoy the most?
I love Christmas and being apart of a holiday challenge like this really brought me joy. I listened to Christmas songs to get me in the mood and and now I'm totally in the holiday spirit!

How did you enjoy working with the Gmund Colours range?

This red has to be my absolute favorite red!  I'm so in love with it I will probably never use another red ever again. The other two colors are difficult for me to judge since the pink is a bit see through and the blue has a faded appearance. Overall, I'm so glad that I chose these colors together.

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