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Arctic Volume White: 150gsm

Munken Lynx: 150gsm

La La La

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a freelance graphic designer and paper artist based in London. I also run the Paper Artist Collective and help to set briefs and establish collaborations like this one. I started working with paper in 2010 after graduating from university and moving to London.

Tell us a little bit about your interpretation of Paper Passion?

This was a tricky brief for me, I decided to go back to 2010 and my first attempts at paper cutting. I instantly fell in love with paper as a medium and have never looked back. As an artist, paper is my passion - It felt appropriate to celebrate my journey over the last 9 years with my submission for this brief


Tell us a little about your piece?

The foundations of my Paper Passion piece go back 9 years now, I had just moved to London, I was working as a graphic design Intern and was really struggling with Money. I wanted to get my sister a gift for her birthday but couldn't afford to buy her anything, my solution - make something. I had been inspired by paper artists online and decided to give it a go, I took lots of elements of her life and drew my very first paper cut in silhouette form. 

My piece for Paper Passions is a reinterpretation of this very first paper cut. I wanted to explore how I would approach the very same paper cut now, using skills that I have developed through my career as an artist. 

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

Visualising the original 2D paper cut in 3Dimensional form.

What part of the brief did you enjoy the most?

Making my own marbled paper for the piece, I knew that I wanted to include colour in the work as thesis reflective of the work that I make now. I also enjoy all the smaller meanings in each element to the design which are personal to my sister and I.

How did you enjoy working with Munken and Arctic Volume?

The papers both marbled really well. It is always nice to work with new papers, to see how they cut, fold and can be manipulated. 

Samantha Quinn
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