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Samantha Quinn
Big Ben

Tools Used

Swann Morton No 3 handle with 10A blades, metal ruler, pencil, UHU glue, tweezers, cutting mat

Which London landmark did you choose and why?

I chose Big Ben or more accurately the Elizabeth Tower. (Big Ben is the name of the great bell). I wanted to create a tall landmark that would be prominent within the installation.

Talk us through the process of making the piece.

I began with lots of visual research. I examined lots of photographs to create rough sketches of the overall composition. Using my sketches I began to visualise my design digitally in Illustrator. Working digitally helped me to work out scale and select colours easily. 

Each layer of the design was then printed on to very thin paper and lightly spray mounted on to the reverse of the colorplan stock. I opted for a vibrant colour palette of greens and pinks. Every element was cut by hand and carefully glued together. As the landmark has four faces each tiny piece had to be repeated.

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

Sticking down all the tiny fiddly pieces, some pieces were so small that the glue had to applied using a pin head.

What part of the brief did you enjoy the most?

Having complete freedom from the wonderful client G.F Smith, it is very rare that there are so few limitations in a brief so it was a pleasure to explore their fabulous Colorplan range.

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