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Julianna Szabo 2
St Paul's Cathedral

Tools Used

X-Acto knife, 10A Swann-Morton blade, self-healing cutting mat, tweezer, UHU glue, PVA glue, pencil

Which London landmark did you choose and why?

I choose St Paul's Cathedral because this building has many intriguing details I could translate into a 3D paper sculpture.

Talk us through the process of making the piece.

I started with a deep research into each building, trying to find detailed photographs from all sides and as many angles as possible. I also looked for plan and elevation drawings that provided me the correct proportions. Then I deconstructed the buildings into blocks which I designed one-by-one on paper. After all the measurements and designs were done I made the building blocks out of the appropriate coloured paper without any decorations, only the basic shapes with the windows/doors cut out. When I reached the point when the building took shape, I started adding the tiny details to complete the blocks. I glued together the whole building only after all the elements were finished. 

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

I made the design to be able to add as much details in the given size as possible!

What part of the brief did you enjoy the most?

I love making 3D buildings so I enjoyed this project from beginning to end. The most rewarding part is when I can see what I imagined in my head at the beginning, taking shape at the end. 

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