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Florrie Thomas
Hampton Court Palace

Tools Used

Swann Morton No 3 handle with 10A blades, ruler, glue/double sided tape, tweezers, wire, mount board

Which London landmark did you choose and why?

I wanted to choose a landmark that I had a personal connection with and I ended up choosing Hampton Court Palace as I grew up in the area. I have always admired the Palace and when I was younger I had a fascination with the Tudors and all the drama and opulence!

Talk us through the process of making the piece.

Whatever the brief I always start off with initial sketches and a brainstorm which then leads on to collecting reference. Knowing the area well I used it as an excuse to walk around the grounds and take photographs for inspiration/textures and colour.


Quite early on I knew I wanted to make a statement detail using the iconic Tudor Rose, plus i find it hard not to include anything organic when creating. Next I drew the main design out by hand and then got cracking with the cutting. Adding extra details as i went.

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

The most challenging aspect was taking on a brief that was predominately 3D. I tend to work in 2D with lots of detail and the odd bit of 3D but i liked the challenge. I knew that it was possible to interpret the brief to suit my style and hopefully show off my skills. I didn’t want to try and do something that wasn’t my way of working and not achieve a design that I was happy with. It had to be fun and the struggle couldn’t take centre stage.

What part of the brief did you enjoy the most?

Although it was challenging, I loved that it was out of my comfort zone and I got to create a piece of work that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Producing designs for the Paper Artist Collective was an honour as its always nice to collaborate with other designers and get to know each others styles. Plus creating designs for the prestigious GF Smith and using their lovely papers. This project has made me think more about the use of 3D in my work and has given me the love of creating historical buildings in paper.

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