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Annemarieke Kloosterhof
Little Amsterdam
Tell us about your piece and how it represents the Country that you are from?

A colourful and playful 3D representation of a Dutch street scene. The stereotypical Amsterdam Canal style architecture is clearly recognisable, complete with tiny bicycles, and with lots of Orange in the colour scheme this couldn’t be more Dutch!

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

Trying to make it all stand upright without falling over every time I breathed out, or someone opened a door/window whilst I was taking the photograph.

What part of the brief did you enjoy the most?

Picking out the colourscheme and spending a lot of time on all the little details… the bicyles were probably the most satisfying to make.

How did you enjoy working with Excel Blades?

They’re SOOOO smooth! I’m never going back. I always favoured round pen-like scalpels over the thin flat scalpels anyway, as after a prolonged period of use, it hurts your fingers and thumb, so this round holder was perfect – plus my favourite colour! The blades cut really cleanly, and I feel they stay sharp much longer than my other blades. 

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