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Lamis Al Huraibi

Tell us a little about your piece?

When the letter U was revealed to me, the first word which came to mind was unity. I allowed this concept and the unique shape of the letter to dictate the storyboard for my piece. Inspired by my travels and some of the magical places I have visited, I had the idea of creating two towering houses united by a secret, subterranean bridge, uniting the two seemingly separate structures.

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

After settling on the concept of the piece, the most challenging part - technically speaking - was joining the 'U' on both sides.  I found it exciting to overcome and to use the shape of the letter to guide the aesthetic and creative outcome of my design.

What part of the brief did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed multiple aspects of the project, however I was most excited about working with the natural and warm colours I was given. Balancing them harmoniously and allowing them to compliment each other while telling a story was my favourite part.

How did you enjoy working with Senses Paper?

I found the Senses Paper very elegant and delightful to work with. I loved the choice of colours I was given and certainly think their natural tones inspired me throughout the creative process.

Colour 1: Syrah Crimson 250gsm

Colour 2: Mellow Malbec 140gsm

Colour 3: Windsor Scarlet 250gsm

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