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Tell us a little about your piece?

Taking my cue from the Senses Paper website, I went with a less-is-more approach. Since I had 3 different paper weights, I knew I wanted to work with some quilled elements (on-edge paper) as well as incorporate paper cuts. Instead of making a raised 3d letter, I decided to give it a little twist by recessing the letter into the background.  

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

There were so many possibilities, deciding on one design to proceed with was the most challenging. And cutting 500gsm paper by hand was hard on the fingers, for sure.

What part of the brief did you enjoy the most?

I loved figuring out how to best juxtapose the 3 colors. Also loved the effect of color blending, effectively the piece ended up with 4 colors (yellow + blue = green) and even more in-between shades.

How did you enjoy working with Senses Paper?

I enjoyed working with Senses Paper very much! Looking forward to using different colors in future projects.

Colour 1: Caribbean Shallows 120gsm

Colour 2: Driftwood Grey 250gsm

Colour 3: Saffron Yellow 500gsm

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