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Amy Mathers

Tell us a little about your piece?

My piece is simple and focused on showing off the colours. I think this piece decribes me and my work very well - quiet, wears simple colours and thinks too much.

What was the most challenging part of the brief?

Actually trying to think what to make but sometimes you have to go with your gut.

What part of the brief did you enjoy the most?

I loved that we didn't get to choose our colours or letter.

How did you enjoy working with Senses Paper?

I really liked the senses paper because it was very smooth and easy to crease and fold. Even though we were only given 3 colours to work with, I love the fact that that there is a huge range of colours to choose from. 

Colour 1: Cream Taffeta 140gsm

Colour 2: Lush Lavender 140gsm

Colour 3: Dreadnought Silver 140gsm

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